I’m a passionate software developer and architect, open source contributor, freeride mountain biker and guitar/bass player.

Core competencies

  • Distributed systems, data-intensive applications, event sourcing and CQRS, domain-driven design and (micro)service architectures
  • Designing applications for vertical and horizontal scalability, elasticity, high-availability, fault tolerance and global distribution
  • Event stream processing for real-time data analytics and large-scale enterprise application integration
  • Server-side software development with functional and object-oriented programming languages, mainly Scala and Java
  • Supporting the full software development lifecycle from concept to production with agile development approaches

Current interests

  • Distributed systems research
  • Artificial intelligence research
  • Machine learning and deep learning

Open source projects

Eventuate Founder, Committer
Streamz Founder, Committer
Akka Committer
Apache Camel Committer
Eventsourced Founder, Committer
Open eHealth Integration Platform Founder, Committer